Ideas for the distribution of an apartment of 58m ²

Sure to read the text of Article have thought that in a house of only 58m ² little could be done, right? And if you say that only has one room and that this is an attic, you’ll still be more convinced of your assertion. Well sorry to disappoint you, but in just a few meters can work wonders and the next article I will give you a good example of this.

To view images of this small apartment you’ll be surprised because it conveys spaciousness this home is much larger than that assumed by the meter indicates the plane. This is achieved thanks to the great distribution presents.

In this apartment you have placed the furniture fair and necessary for everyday life. It is a minimalist decor, but consistent with the needs of its owner. Often the mistake we make is overloading our houses unnecessary items or furniture, creating a feeling of being overwhelmed and dwarfing the spaces.

The combined set tones perfectly with small touches of color in accessories also help to achieve this feeling of spaciousness, helping to multiply the natural light without creating a cold environment.

I have prepared a varied gallery of images of this small apartment almost from all points of view in order to observe the distribution of each household items so you can get ideas for our own home. You see, the space does not have to be an insurmountable problem. With ideas and inspiration can create a cozy and full of charm.

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