Tips to organize and optimize space in closets

To make your cabinets do not become a mini “storage” with the passage of time, it is best to organize and optimize the space available. All this we must follow our habits and adapting the closet to our lifestyle.

Get a full closet organized is not complicated, you’ll see. Keep the little guide I have prepared for you and you get to optimize the space you have.

Before arranging, select

Before storing things in the closet again we classify the things we have, and select the ones we are really useful. A simple way to start optimizing space is saved only things we use really. Sometimes we keep things that never used it. And also occupy space but do not use them.

Accessories that help optimize closet space

This is one of the keys to save space when: invest in accessories that help us optimize it. There are in the market many special elements for this purpose. Everything will depend on the layout of your closet.

There are for example mini drawers for accessories like belts, jewelry or cufflinks, special door color gowns to place in a very short space various ties (and all are well visible), special hangers to place on them different shirts or trousers at different levels, etc.. Think you might need in your closet and see on the market if not already.

Create categories in the closet

If we order all the parts and units for categories not only have a more organized closet, but will have more space and find things better. Likewise with seasonal clothing. Distribute seasonal clothing, distributing the fund or in the highest clothes last season.

Speaking of last season’s clothing store, there is a way to keep optimizing the space: vacuum. There are special bags for introducing clothes or elements therein and remove all air from inside. Thus the space occupied garments be minimized.

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