Tips for decorating your walls in an original

Are the walls of your home do not transmit anything? Want to include fantasy and personality in them? Let’s see them more attractive to a number of tips to decorate our walls with original as possible.

Place pictures

Use many Frames with artistic photos and place them randomly on the wall. If alternating with curved mirrors the original touch is assured. In the frames do not put family photos or souvenirs. These should include black and white photographs or drawings in ink. You can complete the hanging wall also colored threads.

Succumb to the stickers

Nothing is easier to break the boredom of a wall to put stickers on it. They are simple to install and easy to change, so we can get decorated in a simple dynamic. The decals design leave it to your choice. The colors also, but try to contrast well with the wall and draw attention.

Hang your plants

Give a natural touch to the decor always helps to give life. But if you flee from the formalisms and place it in the highest plants be adding a very personal touch to your walls.

Wallpaper is your ally

The catalog of wallpapers you can find on the market is vast. And I’m sure we’ll be able to find a wallpaper that fits with our decor and attention-grabbing looks.

I do not talk to decorate every wall in the house, but the most seen. Use a role that gives personality to stay but do not overload. And on a wall with wallpaper not hang anything on the wall.

Combine storage and decoration

The concept is the same as that previously commented with pictures. Use shelves small square shapes and combine them with some rectangular. Deconstruct symmetry and let your imagination soar. They will put all kinds of decorative accessories.

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