Elegant decoration of an apartment of 22 m2

The apartment that I bring today we will show how we can achieve an elegant and luxurious even have the space we have.

This small Swedish study has only 22 square meters, but have not been needed more to create a chic and stylish with boldness and good ideas. Here are the keys to success in this apartment.

One of the main strengths of this decoration is the lining that has been chosen in the wall of the main area. These mirror-effect black tiles make the room bigger. And far from obscure as one might think for its dark color, light up the area to reflect and multiply in natural light.

In addition, this coating helps conceal storage spaces, which they seem to occupy remaining space and visual space. This room looks bigger than it is.

The apartment layout also helps create this apparent amplitude. All the furniture in the house are located at the ends of it, leaving a large central space free.

I personally also really like the strong color contrasts that exist in the apartment. I like the strong color liner “collides” with the rest of the house, which has shades of white. The result is a very personal and yet very elegant.

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