Practical ideas to optimize the decor of a studio

Living in a small studio should not be a bar to enjoy a comfortable life and not spend fortunes. In the following article design student Michelle Konar will give us a number of tips to get it.

And it will do by relying on his own experience, as the article is accompanied by a gallery of the small studio’s own Michelle is in Manhattan. In this space vintage and many personal winks learn to optimize a small space.

The first and most important advice we give is to understand the space we have. Be aware of the space and potential of our apartment will help us better exploit its possibilities.

Use every corner of the house. The boxes and storage containers are your best allies in small spaces. The bottom of the bed, a sofa or even a desk are slots that you can exploit. To decorate store besides, using ornate boxes, pretty baskets, special containers, etc..

Used in the possible modular furniture that will allow use its versatility. In his apartment for example Michelle has an extendable table that is small enough to eat and not to burden herself in space, but large enough to be opened to house several friends.

Also about reinventing furniture functions and have them perform several functions at once. In the images we see, such as a bookcase also fulfill the task of separating the two spaces.

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