Practical ideas for vintage decor

Australian designers Tim and Neryl open the doors of your home where they live with their small Ivy Lee to show us your decor and offer plenty of ideas to implement an environment with touches vintage bohemian.

Tim and Neryl are a couple of artists living in Melbourne who share the same love for all that is vintage, and this passion have moved to their home in a masterly manner. Its decor is filled with an incredible amount of objects that convey longing and sentimentality.

Old posters, original fonts, old containers, recycled furniture, magazines and old books, boutique accessories, and many other “treasures” on many occasions drawn equipment stores. Because that is another feature of this decoration: the vast majority of objects are used items.

Personally I like the vintage style and somewhat bohemian you breathe in that home, and I think we can draw shrewdly plenty of ideas to implement in our own home, is not it? If something has inspired you do not hesitate to share it with all of us.

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