Apr 14

Practical ideas to optimize the decor of a studio

Living in a small studio should not be a bar to enjoy a comfortable life and not spend fortunes. In the following article design student Michelle Konar will give us a number of tips to get it.

And it will do by relying on his own experience, as the article is accompanied by a gallery of the small studio’s own Michelle is in Manhattan. In this space vintage and many personal winks learn to optimize a small space.

The first and most important advice we give is to understand the space we have. Be aware of the space and potential of our apartment will help us better exploit its possibilities.

Use every corner of the house. The boxes and storage containers are your best allies in small spaces. The bottom of the bed, a sofa or even a desk are slots that you can exploit. To decorate store besides, using ornate boxes, pretty baskets, special containers, etc..

Used in the possible modular furniture that will allow use its versatility. In his apartment for example Michelle has an extendable table that is small enough to eat and not to burden herself in space, but large enough to be opened to house several friends.

Also about reinventing furniture functions and have them perform several functions at once. In the images we see, such as a bookcase also fulfill the task of separating the two spaces.

Apr 14

Ideas for a black and white decor

Decorative Inspiration is something that never hurts, right? I particularly consider myself constantly searching for new and renewed ideas. The most special share them with you, and that’s just what I do today.

Today I will show a series of images that I think we can get many ideas to create a black and white decor.

This house is not just that these are the prevailing colors, but they are practically the only ones there. But the combination and the choice of furniture and accessories is so successful, that the atmosphere of the house emits life seemingly unthinkable without a color besides white and black.

If I had to highlight something specific to this house, talk to the two aspects that have caught my attention: Office slate wall and floor diamond of the kitchen. Although talk of minimalist touch also so successful that reigns in the house.

In the gallery that closes the article will find many images of this black and white decor. Feel free to check it out because I really think that this house can serve you in a lot of inspiration.

Apr 14

Elegant decoration of an apartment of 22 m2

The apartment that I bring today we will show how we can achieve an elegant and luxurious even have the space we have.

This small Swedish study has only 22 square meters, but have not been needed more to create a chic and stylish with boldness and good ideas. Here are the keys to success in this apartment.

One of the main strengths of this decoration is the lining that has been chosen in the wall of the main area. These mirror-effect black tiles make the room bigger. And far from obscure as one might think for its dark color, light up the area to reflect and multiply in natural light.

In addition, this coating helps conceal storage spaces, which they seem to occupy remaining space and visual space. This room looks bigger than it is.

The apartment layout also helps create this apparent amplitude. All the furniture in the house are located at the ends of it, leaving a large central space free.

I personally also really like the strong color contrasts that exist in the apartment. I like the strong color liner “collides” with the rest of the house, which has shades of white. The result is a very personal and yet very elegant.

Apr 14

Decorative Idea for a kitchen full of color and joy

Interiors Urbanspace not a signature furniture manufacturer. This American company is selling furniture design major brands and exposing their products in their stores creating different atmospheres and exposing their products.

Well, looking at pictures of one of their stores I found amazing kitchen decor that I found very interesting to share with you. The modern kitchen has a life and a rare joy for this type of environments. And so I found that interesting.

The first thing that catches the attention and detail that gives more life to the kitchen is the decorative vinyl have chosen to complete the kitchen dresser. The joy of all invaded its colorful decor and extends it. But I just like their color. The vinyl model was chosen with straight geometric shapes perfectly with the linearity of the entire kitchen.

Also highlight the great countertop Silestone that has been chosen. The U-shaped kitchen is complete with island that has been placed, and the whole top is continuous, showing no cuts, detail that gives dynamism to the kitchen and packing.

And while we spoke of the island, highlighting a feature that I love. I like the “table” that has been created based on the island with the natural wood board and robust look. It seems very functional because it won space and can save even place a table in the kitchen if we are just at home.

Apr 14

The chic style of black and white decor

Today we will see images of a Finnish apartment with a very chic thanks to the two prevailing colors in decor: white and black. These are complemented only by a few touches of gray. But as you can see the actual color in this house is absent.

I am a person who loves the style that give black and white tones to an environment, but I recognize that color without totally not something to go with me. Still I wanted to present images of this apartment so you can get ideas. For though not implement in the whole house, maybe to one or two rooms we find them useful.

And let’s start with the main room. In it I really like the contrast it creates carpet black and white stripes (or not) with light wood floors. Highlight both the ground and the carpet and make an interesting combination. Also I like the quilt and contrast it with the white walls and natural light that filters through the window.

Let the living room of the apartment. This presents a strong industrial style well suited to the colors you are using. But I must admit that I love the overall feel of this room.

I like the leather sofa, coffee table, the pictures on the walls seem to blend perfectly with the style, etc.. The final touch is provided by the full board that the main wall. It’s something I had never seen in a classroom, but it at least looks good.

In the hall and the hall has played a lot with stripes. On the floor was easy to implement placing a striped rug. But the issue of the door was not so simple and I think that has fixed placing black electrical tape. The door of the stripes do not like much, but the way you created in the entrance with two love triangles joining.

By the way, eye to detail of the racks on the wall. If you never had happened now you know that with hangers can create a sea of ​​original racks.

Apr 14

Tips for decorating your walls in an original

Are the walls of your home do not transmit anything? Want to include fantasy and personality in them? Let’s see them more attractive to a number of tips to decorate our walls with original as possible.

Place pictures

Use many Frames with artistic photos and place them randomly on the wall. If alternating with curved mirrors the original touch is assured. In the frames do not put family photos or souvenirs. These should include black and white photographs or drawings in ink. You can complete the hanging wall also colored threads.

Succumb to the stickers

Nothing is easier to break the boredom of a wall to put stickers on it. They are simple to install and easy to change, so we can get decorated in a simple dynamic. The decals design leave it to your choice. The colors also, but try to contrast well with the wall and draw attention.

Hang your plants

Give a natural touch to the decor always helps to give life. But if you flee from the formalisms and place it in the highest plants be adding a very personal touch to your walls.

Wallpaper is your ally

The catalog of wallpapers you can find on the market is vast. And I’m sure we’ll be able to find a wallpaper that fits with our decor and attention-grabbing looks.

I do not talk to decorate every wall in the house, but the most seen. Use a role that gives personality to stay but do not overload. And on a wall with wallpaper not hang anything on the wall.

Combine storage and decoration

The concept is the same as that previously commented with pictures. Use shelves small square shapes and combine them with some rectangular. Deconstruct symmetry and let your imagination soar. They will put all kinds of decorative accessories.

Apr 14

Tips to organize and optimize space in closets

To make your cabinets do not become a mini “storage” with the passage of time, it is best to organize and optimize the space available. All this we must follow our habits and adapting the closet to our lifestyle.

Get a full closet organized is not complicated, you’ll see. Keep the little guide I have prepared for you and you get to optimize the space you have.

Before arranging, select

Before storing things in the closet again we classify the things we have, and select the ones we are really useful. A simple way to start optimizing space is saved only things we use really. Sometimes we keep things that never used it. And also occupy space but do not use them.

Accessories that help optimize closet space

This is one of the keys to save space when: invest in accessories that help us optimize it. There are in the market many special elements for this purpose. Everything will depend on the layout of your closet.

There are for example mini drawers for accessories like belts, jewelry or cufflinks, special door color gowns to place in a very short space various ties (and all are well visible), special hangers to place on them different shirts or trousers at different levels, etc.. Think you might need in your closet and see on the market if not already.

Create categories in the closet

If we order all the parts and units for categories not only have a more organized closet, but will have more space and find things better. Likewise with seasonal clothing. Distribute seasonal clothing, distributing the fund or in the highest clothes last season.

Speaking of last season’s clothing store, there is a way to keep optimizing the space: vacuum. There are special bags for introducing clothes or elements therein and remove all air from inside. Thus the space occupied garments be minimized.

Apr 14

Ideas for the distribution of an apartment of 58m ²

Sure to read the text of Article have thought that in a house of only 58m ² little could be done, right? And if you say that only has one room and that this is an attic, you’ll still be more convinced of your assertion. Well sorry to disappoint you, but in just a few meters can work wonders and the next article I will give you a good example of this.

To view images of this small apartment you’ll be surprised because it conveys spaciousness this home is much larger than that assumed by the meter indicates the plane. This is achieved thanks to the great distribution presents.

In this apartment you have placed the furniture fair and necessary for everyday life. It is a minimalist decor, but consistent with the needs of its owner. Often the mistake we make is overloading our houses unnecessary items or furniture, creating a feeling of being overwhelmed and dwarfing the spaces.

The combined set tones perfectly with small touches of color in accessories also help to achieve this feeling of spaciousness, helping to multiply the natural light without creating a cold environment.

I have prepared a varied gallery of images of this small apartment almost from all points of view in order to observe the distribution of each household items so you can get ideas for our own home. You see, the space does not have to be an insurmountable problem. With ideas and inspiration can create a cozy and full of charm.

Apr 14

Customize the legs of our sofas

Week just super happy because I have found a decorative idea very interesting. Customize our sofas legs for a touch renovated and bring freshness to the home. What do you think?

To me it looks fantastic. And I think that shows that with a little imagination can do great things in the decor of our home. Sometimes you do not need to invest a lot of money to change furniture and accessories. This idea shows us how simple details can give it another go to our decor environment. Look at the images and change the style of the couches with this small change.

If you want to know how to implement this trick in there See that show you how. Right now I will introduce several pictures so you can see the effect of this simple idea. Fascinating, is not it?

Apr 14

Practical ideas for vintage decor

Australian designers Tim and Neryl open the doors of your home where they live with their small Ivy Lee to show us your decor and offer plenty of ideas to implement an environment with touches vintage bohemian.

Tim and Neryl are a couple of artists living in Melbourne who share the same love for all that is vintage, and this passion have moved to their home in a masterly manner. Its decor is filled with an incredible amount of objects that convey longing and sentimentality.

Old posters, original fonts, old containers, recycled furniture, magazines and old books, boutique accessories, and many other “treasures” on many occasions drawn equipment stores. Because that is another feature of this decoration: the vast majority of objects are used items.

Personally I like the vintage style and somewhat bohemian you breathe in that home, and I think we can draw shrewdly plenty of ideas to implement in our own home, is not it? If something has inspired you do not hesitate to share it with all of us.